A vertical portal dedicated to Organic Honey Exporters, Organic-honey.in is a association of manufacturers and exporters of pure honey, bee wax etc from India
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for Reliable Suppliers of Honey ?

This is a the right place !

  • Organic Honey represents an association of over 350 of pure

    honey exporters

    , honey bee wax suppliers, bee veil wholesalers, bee pollen exporters etc.

  • Each member of the group is a verified manufacturer/ exporter of honey - registered with Directorate General Foreign Trade (DGFT), India.

  • Post your enquiry here and your message will reach concerend manufacturers and

    exporters of honey

    - who in turn will contact you directly with their offers. You deal directly with actual sellers.

  • All transactions are direct between buyers and actual sellers, ensuring lowest transaction cost and time. No middleman is involved anywhere in the chain.

  • Sponsored by infobanc.com - leading b2b portal for Indian manufacturers and exporters - Organic Honey is always ready to help you with market and product information, buyers, sellers, opportunities at India and abroad, news, related organizations etc. Please feel free to contact us for any help/assistance you may need anytime.

Production of honey has been the major aim of the industry. Modern beekeeping also includes production of beeswax, bee collected pollen, bee venom, royal jelly, propolis, as also of package bees, queen bees and nucleus colonies. All these are possible only with a proper management of bees, utilizing the local plant resources and adapting to the local climatic conditions. Modern beekeeping makes heavy use of beekeeping equipment and honey processing plant. This results in high efficiency and also ensures the quality of the processed honey.

Seasonal management of bee colonies varies in different parts of the country although the basic management methods are the same. Flow management, dearth management, provision of feeding, and control and cure of bee disorders, bee diseases, pests and enemies, are some of the routine measures to keep bee colonies healthy and strong. There are special management techniques like queen rearing, migration for honey production or for colony multiplication, which the beekeeper takes up after he gains sufficient knowledge and experience in handling bee colonies.

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